Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google Wallet ... arrived in the United States!

Why? Simply to avoid spending too much. Although this method works 200%. And for good reason, since it is others who spend it for you. Yes but now, soon it will become harder, because there are many clubs now seeking to turn our phones into new means of payment . Besides, if you are interested in the subject, you may be pleased to know that Google Wallet has just released ... the U.S.! Wuhu! Super! Now we will be able to ruin it even easier!

This is obviously not the first time that we come to talk about Google Wallet. Unveiled last May, the new service Google has even been two full articles and you can also find also a video demonstration by clicking here. However, for those who have not followed the case, it will still take time to explain the operation and interest, this new service. Clearly, Google Wallet work on the same niche Square . The purpose of the search giant is clear, it is based on NFC technology to allow us to pay our baguette with our mobile. Genre you approach a special terminal with your smartphone in hand, you pass it, you confirm your purchase and you're done. No need for a wallet or even to count his pieces, the process is completely transparent and is payment in seconds. Quite frankly.

Google Wallet is available in the United States. From all we know is the U.S. operator Sprint which offers customers. Even they have the choice of linking their credit card to their account or use the integrated prepaid account. Inevitably, on paper it sounds great but the service still has two disadvantages in size . The first is that it does not work yet with a Nexus S. The second is that the technology works on specific terminals, which therefore means that all traders can not necessarily offer this new payment method. Too bad, right? I do not know about you, but personal, I do not think my baker would invest in a terminal. Mostly she just invest in a player card, eh, and has already very difficult to get used to it. Same also for my hairdresser who think that WiFi is an accessory for the Wii. Okay, she did not know much in new technologies but it makes me a pure head massage when she washes her hair so it compensates to death.

In short, in the end, Google Wallet is most likely to interest the Geeks and Geeks only (although I think it leaves me rather cold), .


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