Friday, September 9, 2011

Google launches an official iPhone application for Blogger

If you use  and managers  wordpress for their website know that for some time alreadyBlogger is now available on the AppStore and all those who have a blog hosted on the service will therefore now able to manage and edit directly from their iPhone. Now his counterpart from Google, Blogger launches enforcement officer iPhone finally. Blogger, a service for publishing blogs, was acquired by Google in 2003 and has become very popular since then, now we finally have the application to edit your account from the iPhone.

These applications require upgrades and constants in the case of WordPress for iPhone is already well advanced in the case of Blogger is your premiere by what you think will be a perfect application for entry, but you can try it and await further improvements.

Just after starting the application on the iPhone you can sign in with your account and you can also create their own accounts.
Once connected you can already see your blog entries on Blogger . Now allows:
  • Select the account / blog if you have more than 1
  • Include photo gallery or take a photo directly from the application.
  • Add tags.
  • Add information about the location.
  • Save as draft or publish immediately.
  • See the list of messages saved / published.
As you can see are very simple features but you can expect updates and upgrades in the near future with security . Basically allowsRapid publications from the iPhone and add images from the album or camera.
The user interface is very clean and simple line of products at Google.
You can find Blogger app for iPhone in the App Store for free and is already translated into Spanish. It has no application optimized for the iPhone , although it is compatible with the tablet.


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