Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Find My Friends: A social network in icloud?

Find My Friends , this name should not be unknown to you while we're at the beginning of the year . In fact, if you recall, it is in iOS 4.3 that this reference had appeared for the first time. Since then, we are obviously all moved on but the guy has just come back to center stage thanks to Apple Insider . For indeed, exploring the code of MobileMe , the crafty fell on several lines of code referring to a whole new social network that could be integrated with ... icloud ! Of course, what follows should be taken with caution and you had probably already figured out ...

While many things seem to manage to Apple , there is however a market that totally escapes the firm. Which? And although the social networks, of course. Let us recall that the bitten apple had already tried it with iTunes and Ping but can not say that success has been the appointment. Not at all, even. Like Google and Buzz or the Wave, one can even say that the company has made ​​a masterful slap but it may well try to turn the tide in the coming weeks.

For indeed, according to the source code of MobileMe, Apple could soon try again experience and try to break into the social networking market with a new service known as the "Find My Friends" . A service that offers several actions with respect classics like the ability to add people to friends lists. All with a hint of "followers" and "following" as evidenced by the illustration accompanying this article, plus photos and videos that are going well. If you're used to juggling tools like Twitter, Facebook or even Google +, for sure, these references are sure to talk to you.

Note however that the accuracy of these lines of code could not be verified by the team at Apple Insider. It may very well be a fake. However, the designation "Find My Friends" is reminiscent of another tool of the firm, including "Find My iPhone" or "Find My Mac" . In any case, it should be as matter of geo-location but it will be the final release of IOS 5 and icloud to make a clean breast ... either in October or November.


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