Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The final version of iOS 5 will be available on October 10?

This is a rather interesting information and allows us to put many things into perspective. According to AppleInsider , Apple would have informed the employees of Apple Care for the arrival of the final version of iOS 5 to October 10 . The firm would have expected and they might be facing a large influx of applications. Of course, icloud should also be part of but you had probably already understand. Same also for the iPhone 5.There is of course only a hypothesis but we still remember that Stéphane Richard spoke recently on the subject and that the CEO of France Telecom has announced the arrival of the next mobile apple for the 15 ... October !

And that's not all as we learned yesterday from BGR that the eighth beta 5 might IOS release this Friday or in two days. The Golden Master, meanwhile, show the tip of his nose on September 23, which would then allow operators to begin work on the subject if they have not already.

What we can point in any case is that the contours that surround the release of the iPhone 5 are becoming clearer. Once is not custom, most of the rumors surrounding iOS 5 and the next mobile cabbage seem to match perfectly. Note also that it is always the case with most products of the firm. At first, the rumors have a tendency to contradict himself and play the card of the incredible (we will remember the good old iMac touch screen) but everything becomes much clearer as the effective output of the same product is similar. 

Well, finally the only ones to stand still, they are still the guys at Mac Rumors since they had relied in turn on a release of the iPhone and iOS 5 5 for the week of September 23 to 30 . But let ...
However, where the iPhone 5 exception to the rule is in terms of its technical characteristics.Unlike previous mobile firm, it is clear that we do not know much about it. Some predict a larger screen, a more refined design and much thinner, while others think that one of the most anticipated phones of the moment will be nothing more than an iPhone 4S.


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