Monday, August 29, 2011

Samsung introduced ChatOn, WhatsApp-killer for the iPhone

BlackBerry scored all her free time with BlackBerry Messenger messaging service. Apple is going to chase them in that struggle iMessage in iOS 5 . The downside of the free WhatsApp variants is that they only work on the device of their own brand. Now Samsung also mixes in the struggle of the free messengers. Her version Chaton forthcoming not only for its own operating system Bada, but also for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. The messenger is taking some unique options.

Chaton will be released next month simultaneously in 120 countries and is available in 62 languages. The application comes in two different versions: one for a simple internet phones and smartphones like the iPhone and Android.
There are, of course, except WhatsApp more programs that have a solid messaging platforms that serve multiple, such as KIK Messenger. Samsung Chaton will therefore not only rely on its established brand, but also three unique features. You can groups and individuals not only photos, videos, and send data, but also homemade animations. That you can tinker in the application itself, as in the trailer shown below. Another novelty is that all media in one (group) call is shared, easily can be seen in the Trunk button. There, participants can also leave comments on photos and video. The last notable feature is that users get points for using the service and so climb into a "look at me zijn' socio-rank, which Samsung has christened the Interaction Rank. Chaton will be extended this week was revealed at the IFA fair.


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