Sunday, August 28, 2011

iFixDirect claims to have parts of the white iPod touch

In recent weeks, often presumed components of the iPhone 5 surfaced. The iPod touch received much less attention, but also with that product is high time for a new version. Repair shop says iFixDirect components for the new iPod Touch has received. They have pictures, which a front panel in white to see. The color matches that of the four white iPhone and the iPad 2 . In appearance the new iPod touch will not change much - at least when the parts are real.

Since the new iPhone and iPod touch almost simultaneously on the market, the presumption that the devices are not recovered much from each other will differ. Both may be equipped with a dual-core processor-A5, with the iPod touch more room for additional flash memory. A model with 128 GB of storage is therefore within reach. The new version would be in September or October on the market here, same with the iPhone 5. In early July there were already rumors about a white iPod touch.


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