Thursday, August 18, 2011

Google / Motorola, Samsung and Nokia reactions

Samsung LogoImage via WikipediaWhen Google announced the news last Monday that it acquired Motorola, soon followed by the positive reactions of other Android manufacturers. According to Reuters, however, it now appears that Samsung is less happy with the acquisition than they did occur. Apparently the CEO of Samsung an emergency meeting to the strategy of the company drastically adapt. Samsung would be more occupied with software than it is today. Thus, the company plans to achieve the takeover to go quickly to get more knowledgeable.

Many see it as a good deal for Google and find that the telecom market more competitive, even (if that was not so?), And we are going to get better smartphones.

Motorola's competitors reacted initially with praise and congratulations, but Samsung scribbles here now something in return. According to various reports, Samsung was yesterday held an emergency meeting with the top of the board. One of the top men at Samsung, Lee Kun-hee during the meeting yesterday said: "Samsung must strictly then the Competitiveness of its information technology, human resources, more secure and more actively seek Also mergers and acquisitions? We must pay attention to the fact thats it power is moving away from hardware to software companies Such As Samsung companies. "

Lee Kun-hee is worried about the fact that almost all major manufacturers now have close ties with software vendors. So now Google, Motorola, Nokia, Microsoft and Apple of course has its own IOS. Samsung's biggest success is the phones running on Google Android, natural that they start worrying now anyway.

Google in the official press conference last Monday already announced that nothing will change compared to other manufacturers, but Samsung has not a good feeling!


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