Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PDF Patcher 2 protects iPad, iPod touch and iPhone on PDF flaw

Whether you have performed a jailbreak or not, any iPhone,iPod touch and iPhone iOS 4.2.1 to the beta 5 of IOS is vulnerable to the PDF exploit that complete control over these iDevices to Obtaining's. For now only makes use the flaw that is present in all the most recent IOS versions, but according to security expert Stefan Esser is also a matter of time until tools like Metasploit and CANVAS will make use of the leak. Users who have access to Cydia can protect themselves immediately with PDF Patcher 2 of comex.

The website will comex explicitly on potential hazards of the leak in the PDF FreeTypy library . The hacker emphasizes that he has not made ​​the vulnerability, but only found.The vulnerability has been there a long time and can have long exploited by attackers. By to give Apple is forced to go on a short term patch to come in the form of a new firmware version that solves the vulnerability. Until then, users who install the PDF Patcher 2 secure than users without jailbreak.


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