Sunday, July 10, 2011

iTunes 1080p HD movies soon on the menu?

For once, the next school year may make people happy. Farewell depression current or back to work, and welcome to the new Apple! Alongside the release of the iPhone probably 5 and 5 IOS, the 1080P HD movies might well land on the iTunes Store.Currently, Apple offers movies in 720p (1280 x 720) on iTunes and on the Apple TV, a nice resolution but may do so up to 1080p by early fall.

This is shown by our colleagues from AppleInsider . The library, which should be logically rather limited at first,  then unveil a format called HD +.  It's a source close to the Hollywood studios, which revealed the information, adding that at least three of the top five majors have submitted feature films in 1080p (bitrate 10 Mb / s), scheduled for release in September 2011/2012.
Among the studios have probably signed a contract with Apple, we find the 20th Century Fox

Only downside: the Full HD movies should not be readable in this format the Apple TV can stream content only up to 720p (over there converting 1080p to 720p). However, the source added so that a new Apple TV supports 1080p could be in the carton of Apple, which provides a processor A5. This could even be a TV iOS 5, according to a rumor that agitated the canvas at the end of last month.Remember that only 5 IOS supports this format (note: 1080p) on the iPad 2.
See you in a few weeks to discover what we have booked Cupertino.


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