Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Twitterrific ReadItLater and get support for OAuth

The Twitter client Twitterrific for the iPhone and iPod touch has just been updated to version 4.2. The update this morning will include ReadItLater functionality to the application, so your messages are remembered and stored for later use. Existing users, while opening the updated Twitterrific re-enter their credentials. The app is now also because of the new requirement by Twitter OAuth module to login.

In an extensive test of 15 popular Twitter applications for the iPhone, Twitterrific is one of the best free apps from the test. The disadvantage that we wrote only the standard functions that you expect a Twitter application. As with the ReadItLater function changed. This allows your articles, which are linked in Twitter, and download for offline use so you can easily find them later read back.
Another innovation is the support for the still unknown upload services mlkshk and Pikchur .Twitter The program has long provided support to many websites that your pictures and videos on Twitter can take. In addition, media from these services in-line appears in a tweet.
Other improvements to version 4.2 of Twitterrific entails: links in the timeline are easier to open up the speed of the auto-refresh rate setting, you can now DM'en people who do not follow you (but you do ) and if someone blockt or mark it as spam, the corresponding tweet immediately removed from the Timeline or mentions. Add up all the small things in together and there is a significantly richer Twitterrific Twitter application on the iPhone has become.


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