Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Steve Ballmer : Windows 7 Phone Mango will offer over 500 new features

We know that Steve Ballmer is sometimes a funny little rascal and he never hesitates to make too. Sometimes he even fart cables when he arrived on stage, as evidenced this inspirational video . And indeed, at a conference in Japan, our man was led to speak about the next big up-to-day Windows 7 Phone, Mango. Yes, and you know what he said? Just as Windows 7.5 Phone propose no less than 500 new features. Innovations such as Internet Explorer 9 or greater integration of Messenger and even a lot of things on Facebook ...

Obviously, this kind of advertisements tend to get very doubtful. That said, Ballmer has absolutely no promise that the 500 would be very showy new, eh, which means he may be included bug fixes or minor improvements in the lot. For now, all we know of Mango, finally, is that it will (finally) to Windows multitasking Phone 7. Finally, in reality, not all at exactly true because more information has recently filtered .

Among these include the introduction of assisted navigation with voice guidance. A feature that is sorely lacking in Windows 7 Phone. Same thing, Microsoft could use this new version to integrate Facebook chat to its platform, of course, but also 365 Office (with support from Skydrive) . Gamers would not left since they could enjoy a more successful version of Xbox Live and new features to enable them to more easily stay in touch with their friends. Right there in a few lines, that already five novelties. It remains to wait the 495 other improvements, but it is already on track.

Otherwise, since we're talking about Windows 7 Phone, you must know that the Marketplace has just taken a new course and we can now find 18,000 applications (and even a little more time you read this lines) on the Microsoft Store. Logically, the Redmond company should soon cross the threshold of the fateful 20,000 applications. Great, but be aware that on 1 May, could find applications in the AppStore 381,000 and 295,000 on the Market. And quite frankly What is missing most in my HTC Mozart, it is precisely owls applications.

General improvements

  • Internet Explorer 9 : The new browser will have hardware acceleration, multi-tasking and will support HTML5 (+ videos in compatible formats). The URL bar will now appear at the bottom, also in landscape mode
  • 16 additional languages ​​: many languages, thus potentially more customers and more developers
  • Support custom ringtones : it will be possible to put music or sound you want to ringtone on your Windows Phone
  • New options for managing battery life : new options appear in the menu settings
  • Improved parameters of the lock screen with opportunity to manage their music : the image of the album of the artist you're listening to will appear as a banner on the screen
  • Update hub Games and additions settings : change the user interface, its ability to synchronize data sets. Maybe some surprises multiplayer side
  • Ability to remove noise from the camera : over "click" when you take a picture. You can finally play the paparazzi and take pictures without people realizing it they
  • Lync Availability : Free on the Marketplace, the application will be unified communications capabilities including instant messaging and the ability to see the presence of your employees
  • Acceleration of the video player via the CPU usage graph : using the GPU, the decoding of the stream will be faster


  • Search the list of applications : through a small magnifying glass below the arrow to the left of the list of applications, we can do a search as in the hub Contacts
  • Improving research in the Marketplace : the search for applications and music will be updated and will find applications and music more easily through separate classes (one pivot system will be implemented to allow to pass from one to another by simply sliding)
  • Availability and podcasts can be downloaded
  • Added Smart DJ service (via ZunePass) : service to the discovery of pieces related to an artist, album or even a specific song, which will automatically create playlists based on your musical tastes


  • Tile custom dynamic applications : dynamic map thumbnails, which allow direct access to specific functionality of an application from the home screen (deep linking).
  • Augmented reality : thanks to the joint use of gyro and camera
    > See the explanation for the augmented reality on Windows Phone
  • Improving application performance : you will be entitled to applications that load faster, even faster and smoother with less jerky when scrolling
  • Support multitasking : the smartphone can handle many scenarios such a background, push notifications, download files, etc..
  • 1500 + API's for new development : which means lots of new possibilities for applications
    > View the contents of the SDK Mango for info. It may even be available this May 24 , or in any case, shortly after


  • Image search and video integrated with Bing : directly in the search of the smartphone.
  • Bing Audio : same as Shazam, part of the sound you hear is recovered, then compared with BDD and if it's found, Bing will present results
  • Bing Vision : a real scanner tags, QR codes, etc.. Using your camera with bonus an additional service to take a picture of a building or monument and get results from Bing called Vision Recognizers
  • Voice guidance to turn-by-turn : directly in Maps
  • Check-in natively : to share the fact that we arrived at a certain place, like what is currently on Google Android Latitude side


  • Speech Recognition in the SMS : by simply pressing a microphone in the bottom of the screen, it will do more than dictate your message
  • Facebook chat integration, Windows Live Messenger, AOL Messenger and Twitter : all these applications and services will be integrated into the Hub Phone Contacts from Windows, allowing you to easily interact with your contacts
  • Creating contact groups : it will be possible to put contacts in some selected groups to facilitate the sending of messages of mass
  • Visual Voicemail : using the same technology as iPhone and Android
  • Ability to pin directories mailboxes : for quick access. It could be a directory for a specific project, an RSS feed, a person or a specific group
  • Organizing e-mails by conversation : Your e-mails will be organized and arranged by conversation, like what we used to see in Gmail example
  • Unified mailbox : to check several mailboxes in a single box
  • Ability to search all their e-mails : Even the oldest, directly on the mail server


  • Office 365 and synchronization with SkyDrive : an array of collaborative tools in the cloud and your documents are always available in the latest version
  • Support for complex passwords and managing access rights to files : for increased protection for your e-mail and Office documents


  • Access to Wi-Fi hotspots : This feature, however, require support by your
  • Access to Wi-Fi hidden : If you know the existence of a network and that it is hidden, no problem, you can access
Similarly, Windows Phone 7.5 should normally be presented tonight and we will be very soon called upon to speak again.


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