Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PSN Welcome Back: Sony offer to PS3 and PSP Members

ell ... Yes, finally ... After weeks of disruption after a complete reorganization of its infrastructure and establishing new procedures secure, Sony has finally restart the  PlayStation Network . Needless to say that many players may to pounce but the Japanese automaker has everything-even thought of all those who could no longer wait and has launched a new program for you spinning a lot of gifts: the Welcome Back. A very nice program that allows you to leave with two games for the PlayStation 3 or PSP.

It took Sony more than 20 days to stop the attack suffered by the NSP and find a viable alternative for securing data in its players. During these 20 days, there are millions of players worldwide who were left helpless and not knowing what to do with their PlayStation 3 or their PSP. Some took the opportunity to go out a little from home, others had fun loop to finish the single player of all their titles, but it must admit that the wait has finally been very long. Too long even.
Manage such a crisis should not be an easy task and is probably what pushed Sony to put the dishes in the main by launching a program to calm the anger of its clients. Welcome Back, is his name, and will allow players to get their hands on two tracks (PlayStation 3 or PSP) from the following: Little Big Planet, Infamous, Wipeout HD Fury, Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty, Dead Nation Little Big Planet PSP, ModNation PSP, Pursuit Force PSP, Killzone Liberation PSP.It's a nice gesture, sure, but know that you'll have a month to decide. After that, these games will disappear like magic .
This offer will be available to all users of the PSN. On the article in question reads: "All members of the PlayStation Network exists may find the following on the PlayStation Store ... "It is thus unclear whether the new accounts will also benefit but note however that the PlayStation Store is still not fully recovered so he will wait a bit to learn more about the subject. This article will be published later anyway.
But that's not all. In addition to these games, a free 60-day + PlayStation will be available to anyone with an account of this type and others can also enjoy the same offer, but on only 30 days. Same for the offer music download available on Qriocity, 30 days will also be available to all users of the PSN. For the few people who might be interested, you should know that an identical offer is currently being studied for Home.
In short, although the list of games is a tad too short, you can still thank Sony. Just hope that the newcomers on the PSN can benefit from this offer.


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