Monday, May 23, 2011

Apple Patent to give Privacy on the iPhone

You read a very personal mail on your iPhone in the train and your neighbor keeps staring into your phone. There is a solution, by adding a privacy screen protector to stick. But Apple has done in November 2009 even though a solution patented. This is an iPod with an LCD screen with different privacy levels between which you can switch, but the technique would all mobile devices including Apple and the iPhone should work. The technique allows the user to the viewing angle of the unit to be set. In a privacy mode, the neighbor next to you have no chance to mail them to read.

Wedge-shaped elements in the liquid crystal display module and a scattering of light behind the screen would have to drive through the display. This could help the viewing angle of a fan to a pylon and viewers may no chance. If you right to the screen, you will still see the screen well.
The iPod Nano in the patent drawing is only used as an example. In the patent says that the next Apple LCD, OLED and can work on other screens. The size of the screen does not matter. Besides the iPhone, the technique can be implemented on the IPAD and the MacBook. It is not known whether the private beach, we go back on the next iPhone.

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