Saturday, April 9, 2011

Star Walk Brings Stargazing on the iPad 2

The stars Star Walk application has been upgraded. The update is released due to Yuri's Night , the fact that on April 12, 1950 anniversary of the first man into space went. The update applies to the iPad version and for a lot longer current iPhone version, which also currently in the listing. As the iPad regards Vito Technology has ensured that future augmented reality features are available when a 2 iPad used. Camera, gyroscope and compass of the iPad 2 will make you a richer experience.

Look at the stars through this app, you'll see additional information layers. The augmented reality function projects the info on where you look at. This makes it possible to in broad daylight to see where the stars are.
The iPhone version contains updates and a calendar built with astronomical events, so you can plan better when you look at the stars. You can view events through social bookmarking and networking with others. There is also a search function added and you have a better view of the sky.

The controls are also slightly modified. As said, the iPhone version is currently discounted to get. For the iPad version you still pay the normal price.
Star Walk for iPad is available at $4.99 in the App Store. The iPhone version is available at $0.99 here.


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