Saturday, April 30, 2011

iOS icloud + 5.0: the new streaming music service built into the iPhone

 It was reported that Apple had bought the domain to Xcerion, a Swedish company focused on developing software for an amount of up to $ 4.5 million.

Yesterday, various media such as WSJ confirms the transfer of domain ownership Xcerion of Apple, without specifying the amount of the transaction.

Why Apple bought a new domain?

Apple has long been working on implementing a new service for streaming music / video , an iTunes in the cloud. And, s and has confirmed the negotiation of licenses with record labels to play music from the Internet.

Now, new rumors suggest that Apple is using the name icloud internally in various of its products currently under development.

Apple is developing beta versions of IOS 5.0 and Mac OS X Lion with integration to a service called icloud, these will be shown at WWDC in June 2011. The new service allows users to synchronize and store more information than the current MobileMe

Well, domain name is generic and refers not only to streaming music, could include the storage of videos, pothos, etc.

By streaming multimedia content playback without downloading it or having it stored locally, similar to Cloud Drive / Player of the Amazon Cloud


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