Tuesday, April 5, 2011

iOS 5 Photo Stream Integration?

If there is one feature that would clearly put forward in the future iOS5 is the opportunity to share more data across the cloud (cloud). Evidenced by a reader Site 9to5mac who claims to have recently discovered such a service related to the photo library on iPhone.

It is through codes of IOS 4.3 and more specifically the Photo (photo.app) Mario Piombo could find references to related albums synchronizing streaming. This discovery leads him to believe that iPhone users will soon share their photos directly from their personal computer streaming.
Towards a new social network built into the IOS?
At the time of successful applications, such qu'Instagram Dailybooth or which are to share photos through a true community, the Cupertino company also could integrate with the Photo, a feature to share content with everyone or with selected individuals before new privacy settings. Thus, your contacts could, like applications raised, subscribe to your wireless photo and track your latest adventures.
MobileMe would he have a role to play?
If this photo-sharing feature is born - and the possible social network pinning them - MobileMe could be involved to allow photo sharing service via cloud. To see if the user should only go through this service for sharing photos or if he can also pass through virtual folders included in a future version of iTunes?
Launching the new service from the iOS 5 ?
Although references related to this new service could be found in the IOS 4.3, it is likely to think that Apple would have preferred to delay his availability is likely to develop the social aspect!


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