Saturday, April 23, 2011

Android also keeps Track of your Personal Data

According to two articles in the Wall Street Journal and Guardian , published yesterday, Apple is not the only manufacturer of mobile smartphone which preserves the location information of its users [Read: Your iPhone will discreetly track ]. Indeed, rival Google has also archiving process equivalents. Terminals using the mobile operating system from Google, Android, also recorded at regular intervals their geographical position and the unique identifiers of the last 50 base stations and networks last 200 wi-fi "seen" by the phone.

The file is called Android cache.cell and contains data of latitude, longitude and time travel. However, from these two newspapers, the operating system for mobile Apple comparative recording more than its rival.

Add that data mouchardées by Google would be made much more difficult to exploit, especially since there are no backups of the contents of General Android on mobile computer for iOS (via iTunes sync). However, Google would file stored in the terminal despite the updates, backups and recovery equipment ...

It's the site " O'Reilly Radar "who said these days, the first, the existence on each iPhone 3G and iPad iOS under 4 in a hidden database, wherein the platform operating consistently records the location of the user. Stored on the iPhone within the file consolidated.db and thus transmitted on the Mac when you synchronize the data in this file remains problematic in that the above named file keeps a history of geographical data for a year .... Others put a single day iOS to purge this data from Apple would help alleviate the matter ...

Android our friends will be happy to know that there are today a tool to visualize data stored by Google: Android-locdump. This tool does not however prevent your mobile phone to record this data, like software Tweak Untrackerd , available since yesterday on the jailbroken iPhone. In reality android-locdump more akin to a simple file reader hidden as iPhone Tracker , for his iPhone.

Contacted by two newspapers, neither Google nor Apple have commented on this information nor the purpose of data collection. Both groups, however, had already suggested some answers in 2010, as part of correspondence with members of Congress. Provides firms reported using location data to build maps of hotspots wi-fi . Google also said use these data to provide a service to traffic in real time. Anyway, at the time as today is the ease with which personal information can be retrieved worries.


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