Friday, March 4, 2011

BlackBerry Messenger Coming Soon in Android and iOS?

It's a rumor that comes straight from BGR and which may be of interest to all those who swear by the BlackBerry Messenger. In fact, according to multiple sources inside RIM, the Canadian manufacturer may soon offer BlackBerry Messenger iOS and Google Android.All through a dedicated application, obviously. An application that might otherwise play the card of free history to win as many users.

Blackberry Messenger

The great strength of the BlackBerry, outside of their physical keyboards, it's still immediacy. We sent you a message? Hop you get directly on your mobile without needing to wait for your phone syncs with Exchange servers obscure. You need to schedule a meeting or discuss a project with a colleague physically absent? Not hard, just start the BlackBerry Messenger, you can even share your position, your files, your pictures and send voice notes to all your correspondents.
In a sense, the only problem with these phones (and attention is a big troll who is about to tumble down on your screen) is that everyone does not necessarily have a blackberry. Note All-in-that it's a guy who has not said that the BlackBerry, eh ... Gender receive mail push, it's super easy to match with friends or colleagues, but if they do can not take advantage of this technology, as saying that your trade may be much less instantaneous.
That said, if the BlackBerry Messenger comes a day iOS and Google Android, so we all have a complete and effective solution to share our data more easily. Everything is of course whether this application will propose exactly the same functionality on these three platforms. So we do agree, this is not the instant messaging applications that are missing, eh, but all the people I know who have had the opportunity to put their fingers on BlackBerry Messenger no longer seem able to s 'without it. Besides, if you had the opportunity to test the tool, do not hesitate to share your feedback, it interests me greatly.
Note in passing that from other noise corridor, RIM may soon make its products compatible with ... Android applications . If these rumors are really true, then it would mean that the Canadian manufacturer could soon be opened to competition as no one before him. A dangerous choice, true, but that may be particularly beneficial.


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