Sunday, February 27, 2011

iPhone 5 new features and release date

We talk about the iPhone 5 , but in reality no one knows when and what will happen especially if the new baby will be called an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4GS, so we decide to do this post is a summary of the predictions that there are around, with some account of our own. If you do not share or want to add something new, feel free to comment, the best proposals will be added on this post.

iPhone 5

 iPhone 5 Features:
  • Front camera more powerful, at least 2MP.
  • Rear-view camera for at least 8MP (with full HD movies).
  • Home button , you will, it may be smaller or with a particular system of "touch" (Some have speculated that the key could not be there, but we help exclude the iPhone).
  • FaceTime HD : 720p video call (if anybody is able to do something).
  • Connectivity stronger data (14.4 Mb?).
  • Mobile payment , Touch and Pay.
  • Unlikely to be changed the screen , take for good the possibility remains that the retina.
  • Dual core processor? We do not believe, although we hope. It will probably be a more powerful processor and enough.
  • Retro touch? or the ability to touch the back of the iPhone for a response on the screen, even here we see it very hard to cover the companies would go bankrupt.
  • Small size? Yes, if the screen size remains the same and you reduce the space above (microphone and sensors) and below (home button).
  • Key block rotation of the screen? We give a 50% chance it could in some circumstances be helpful.
  • The version with 64Gb ! Too many people ask for it, but enough to Cupertino?

IPhone Release Date 5:
Apple loves to be repetitive, but this time it really could be a real slip of the key note, we give the dates of 65% between July and September, but according to the most sources, it could March 2, 2012 (15%).


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