Sunday, January 30, 2011

SpringClean Tweak to Clean up - Customize your springboard

I am pleased to present a quite nice tweak customization enthusiasts, I appointed SpringClean .This allows you to customize your SpringBoard without having to create a specific theme in Winterboard.
 Here's a short list of options available:

- Select what icons you want to appear in your StatusBar (WiFi, network, battery level, operator name, etc. ...)
- Hide / Show page, the buttons (on the files and applications)
- Personalize messages warning of low battery: select the desired percentage, if you want a sound at the same time ...
The following screen shows all the available options:
 Note that it is essential to a respring after each change.
SpringClean is priced at $ 1.49 on Cydia under BigBoss source, or free from xSellize(

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