Saturday, January 22, 2011

iOS 4.3 Multitasking Gestures Not Available?

The first beta of IOS 4.3, Apple introduced several new multi-touch gestures for iPad users, which they can switch between applications, the multitasking bar view and with a gesture can go back to the homescreen. It is now clear that these so-called "multitasking gestures' end not present in the final version of iOS 4.3.  

On the iPad gestures seem quite natural to work, but the question is whether this is the much smaller iPhone screen the case. Antoni Nygaard decided a try to be and succeeded not only in the gestures on his iPhone to activate, but also gave access to the menu to the mute button on his phone to set as a regular mute button or a button to the orientation the screen lock. , He made the video below.
If we are to believe the movie anyway gestures seem to work pretty well on the iPhone, despite the smaller screen. Every now and then it's not quite right, but it could also be because the functionality is not yet completely developed. With Apple's confirmation that the multitasking gestures are intended only for developers to test and not IOS 4.3 will be present, it seems unlikely that the iPhone will get this one.
According to Boy Genius Report, Apple gestures that multitasking is currently internally testingthe iPhone 4. The website had previously, from their own sources that Apple is planning the home button in future iPhones and iPads omit. In that case, multitasking gestures a logical way to return to the home screen or to switch between applications


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