Sunday, January 30, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 glass spawns Lawsuit

Apple is a customer in the U.S. state of California sued the glass of his newly purchased iPhone 4 broken. Donald LeBuhn bought the unit in September last year for $ 252 and three weeks later broke his own words the glass as his daughter accidentally texting device while from about one meter height dropped.
He suggests that the glass in his previous iPhone 3G when it did not break from the same height fell down. Confirm this in a sense, the figures of the independent insurer SquareTrade, which analyzed 20,000 accidents involving iPhones.

According to the insurer in the first four months through April 1982 users of an iPhone percent reported broken screens than was the case with the 3G. Also, the number of accidents involving the iPhone April 1968 percent faster than the iPhone 3G.
LeBuhn is particularly angry because Apple, the iPhone's glass 4, that the front and back of the housing, "20 times tougher and 30 times as hard as plastic. Furthermore, the company that the "extremely durable" and made of same material as the "glass in helicopters and high speed trains. This would remove his deception. He complains that Apple also does business as if nothing is wrong and just go with the sale of the unit.
LeBuhn will in the first place his money back from Apple. He also asked a fee for any repairs to the unit and other associated costs. He hopes the lawsuit class action status, so that other victims joined him to join.[Via / photo: 9 to 5 Mac]


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