Sunday, January 9, 2011

Apple has removed VLC from app store!

 Apple has removed the excellent VLC application from the App Store. Unfortunately, this was announced several weeks ago. Indeed, this follows a dispute between a developer of VLC, Denis-Remis Courmont (anti-Apple in the depths of himself, and working for Nokia in passing), and the rest of the team VideoLan. For more details about their conflict (disagreement between the GNU and the rules of the App Store).

The result is there. The best media player available for iDevices has disappeared and is not ready to return! And here is the declaration of jubilation by Mr Denis Courmont is distressing:
Finally, Apple has removed VLC media player of its application store. Thus, the incompatibility between the GNU General Public License and conditions of use of the App Store is sharply resolved. I have no pity for the owners iDevices, nor even for the developers of the mobile version of VLC that may have lost much of their time. This ending is a surprise to anyone.
You can still find VLC iOS through Installous. Unfortunately, it is likely to become incompatible with future updates of our iOS iDevices ...


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