Saturday, December 18, 2010

WSJ Warns of Privacy Concerns with iPhone apps

Through Viber privacy is the topic again back in the spotlight. What exactly do the appmakers with your data? The Wall Street Journal has 101 iPhone and Android applications studied to see how things stand. They discovered that these apps a lot of data to the developer and ad networks to send. Often the user knows nothing and does not allow. What struck was that the iPhone apps were worse than Android apps. The data had been sent inter alia, location and unique ID of the phone.

What is not clear in the article is whether the apps collect anonymous information, or to be attributable to individuals. The ad networks may also collect data for targeted advertising apps to show. In the settings of the iPhone, although you can set that you do not want to send location data, but there is no system like cookies in your browser, you can disable. Forwarding the unique ID of your device is not something you can stop.


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