Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skype for iPhone with video calling is now in the App Store

Skype's official iPhone application has just been upgraded, with the first opportunity for video calls. The function is suitable for iPhone 3G , iPhone, and 4 fourth-generation iPod touch . Users can exchange real-time video calls to each other, even if the other party Skype for Windows, Mac or Linux. It works over Wi-Fi and 3G and requires IOS 4 and above.

To use it you must install Skype 3.0 for iPhone. With the iPhone, and 4 fourth-generation iPod touch you can two-way video calling. In older IOS devices that do not have camera on the front, you can only receive video in one direction or you're stuck with the video cam at the back. Also in the IPAD and third-generation iPod touch video you can only receive but not send. Engadget tried out some conversations, but says that the call from 3G to 3G is not recommended because of the poor quality of the video. We tried it myself and found that calling over Wi-Fi poorer images than by FaceTime with Apple, but it is very useful. FaceTime a point where failure is not a standard that you can call using 3G.
Skype or other similar apps for Android and other mobile platforms will release is currently unclear. May follow more announcements next week at CES in Las Vegas. A few days ago already leaked out that Skype video calls on the iPhone application could add. It turned out an online support document of Skype itself. Yesterday, Skype also released a teaser of the new service.

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