Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RIM panic to the release of the iPhone

Image representing Research In Motion as depic...Image via CrunchBase
Turning a discussion Shacknews weekend do we find the testimony of someone who is a former employee of RIM and became known as the Kentor. If we go by his words, it's a panic that would have crossed the Canadian offices of the BlackBerry developer of the announcement of the iPhone in early 2007.

He begins by recalling the way actors telephony before Apple entered the market. Specialist radio, Motorola's responsibilities include the birth of walkie-talkies, color television, or cell phone. RIM is a network specialist two-way communication, from the famous BlackBerry pager. Ericsson phones already conceived in the 1930s, while Nokia has started its activity in the area than in the 1970s.
Kentor considers the range of Nokia Communicator smartphones like the first, in the late 1990s, some with their applications and their connection to a data network. But "the general view was that the phones would never have a network with sufficient bandwidth or performance ratio / self-sufficient for more than a phone" . Nokia and Ericsson have gradually integrated the functions of PDAs from Palm, Palm focused while on the phone. The changes were very gradual, one iteration after another.

He interprets the iPhone as a real stir in which paddled this little world, even as a nice arm of honor: "RIM was in total denial even after the announcement of the iPhone . At the time, RIM has just left, but the echoes it receives speak of meetings where we judge that autonomy is bound to be horrible because the iPhone features a high-powered processor, the only way to explain the fluidity its interface. Dismantling, surprise: a large battery, a tiny motherboard, nothing magical.

It is clear that three years after the release of the iPhone, the mobile telephony market has been completely reversed. The unbeatable Nokia is losing ground rapidly, RIM is struggling to renew, Microsoft was forced to reinvent themselves. Those who have adopted Android (Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson) have succeeded in moulting, an Android, as IOS was not there three years ago.


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