Sunday, December 5, 2010

Radio Shack Offering $50 off on the iPhone 4?

The first thing that comes in mind is to found a great discount on Apple smartphones somewhere . This is partly correct answer. But only partly.

 Radio Shack slashes iPhone prices by $50, offering iPhone 4 for $25 with 3GS trade-in. Its essence is simple only at first sight: if you are a customer of the operator AT&T or want to be, any new iPhone with a contract will cost you $50 less. But if the iPhone and a contract with AT&T already has, and its terms allow at this time to replace the unit within the carrier subsidies - the old iPhone to new iPhone.

Those same $25 - the minimum in theory, but practically possible to supplement the owner of iPhone 3GS for sharing your device to a new 16-gigabyte iPhone 4. If you bring on the exchange of well-preserved unit of the second generation, 3G, and want to take his place 3GS, do not have to pay extra penny. Radio Shack even give you gift cards in denominations of $25, to finally bring to mind the average consumer.

Of course, in both cases will have to pay tax, and binding contract with the operator enters the monthly "penny". But this is unlikely to stop at least one person, suitable in all respects to the terms of the action. Imagine that your local electronics store drop hte iPhone 4 price.

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