Sunday, December 12, 2010

iPhone financial survivor in Android and Windows Phone?

To what extent do new platforms such as Android and Windows 7 Phone iPhone bother? According to Needham & Company analyst Charlie Wolf, the iPhone has the best opportunities , especially financially. The two competing platforms will in fact a race to end up bottom prices. Google and Microsoft, both competing for the device makers things, as a result, they cut prices to keep market share buy. It is a struggle in which everyone will have to give up margin, except Apple.

According to Needham & Company analyst is a situation similar to the desktop market, the majority of users have a Windows computer, while Apple products are in pretty aloof and now the most profitable computer maker is.
Wolf says about it:

In the short run, the turf war could-put-the smartphone manufacturers in the driver's seat. Ultimately, however, commoditization, accompanied by deteriorating gross margins and prices ", Appears Inevitable for licensees of the Android Phone 7 and Windows operating systems.

Two months ago, Windows Phone launched. It seems that the sale had not yet come on stream, but according to Wolf, the launch is successful, there are 135,000 active users of the Facebook application on Windows 7 Phone, which is an indication of the number of units shipped. Microsoft says nothing about myself. He expects that sales will grow as Microsoft promised $ 500 million marketing budget to throw up against it with device makers and developers to get.


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