Thursday, December 2, 2010

iOS 4.2 Stutters with SMTP

Since version IOS 1.0, smartphones fans have always welcomed the flexibility that accommodates passages iPhone Wi-Fi access Edge or 3G, without any jolts. A feat when you consider that Windows phone or BlackBerry ago still had a little hard time switching from one to another.
A feat by hiding another, besides the ability to quickly retrieve an IP address without user intervention, and continue to load a page or an email even after a connection change.
It would appear that since this update, many iPhone users, especially those who set up multiple email addresses complain of  "SMTP".
IOS far proposed to try SMTP servers configured one after the other, starting with the server "primary" in theory the ISP or organization associated with the account.
Since the review system, the primary servers of many of our readers have been arbitrarily replaced by the most recent SMTP configured on the computer with which they synchronize mail accounts. So instead of servers "historic".
Worse still, inexplicably, while several SMTP are enabled, the iPhone does not pass from one to another as before, remaining stuck on the primary.
You also, have you noticed any problems SMTP configuration on your iPhone since the last iOS update?


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