Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Apple is working on improving speech recognition features in IOS?

Apple has again some outstanding vacancies for positions which may be inferred what the future will bring us from IOS. This time the company is looking for four new employees, an IOS Speech Application Engineer, Speech Recognition, two Engineers and a Senior Research Scientist. All four functions are related to speech recognition. Apple also calls for people who have experience with existing voice recognition software such as Google's Voice Search by default in Android OS is built and part of one's own iPhone application .

Are you looking to Contribute to a product That's Redefining the Smartphone? The IOS Application Frameworks team is looking for an Engineer exceptionalism speech.Will you work with our team on a wide variety of speech-related development activities.We need a team player - you Will Be Closely working with engineers on the Application Frameworks Other team as well as teams at Apple - and we need Someone who is comfortable working in a fast paced environment with changing priorities Rapidly tions.
Apple seems to have serious plans with speech recognition. Earlier this year the company bought the U.S. personal assistant service Siri , which for example through voice commands you can find a restaurant nearby and can see which movies are running. This software, coupled with the speech recognition software from Nuance Communications, excels in the 'smart' software out of your commands, spoken or typed the keywords and knows how to get it fit to respond.
Recently there was even a rumor that Apple would have bought Nuance Communications. In an interview via Skype, Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak recently hinted that Apple would have bought the company. Later he announced that this was not right and that he had "mistaken".Whether he was actually a mistake or accidentally has his mouth off talking we do not know.Possible time, Apple was in talks with Nunance. The company appears to have a suitable acquisition candidate for Apple given the expertise in speech recognition.
Although IOS functions for speech recognition and control features, which are compared with for example Google is very limited. Apple is so much behind in this area and there will need to invest heavily in it would eventually keeping pace with Google and Microsoft. Any new features in this area will likely be part of the next major update for the operating system IOS, IOS 5.0.
By: 9to5Mac
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