Thursday, December 23, 2010

NoseDial Makes Easy Nose Dialing to iPhone

The app nose dial call your favorite contacts by means of photographs.nose dial shows the contacts as big buttons on the screen. The contact nose gets dial directly from your address book. To call you browse through the list of your nose, or tilt the iPhone. If the desired contact in the picture, hit your nose on the button to start the call.

You must dial nose before you start calling your gloves, because the app has its own standby mode. This prevents the Slide to Unlock-bar after a few minutes into the picture. In itself, Slide to Unlock fine with your nose to operate, but nose dial makes it a little easier. After switching on the phone, go directly to nose dial by double tapping the screen with your nose. Depending on the size nose, you can choose how many people you want to see on a screen. The background image, how is sorted and other items are customizable. nose dial can only be used to get people to call, not text messaging or e-mail.
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