Friday, December 10, 2010

Antid0te Jailbreak tool to Make the iPhone a Secure

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Under the Pwn2Own annual competition where contestants compete to apply their best techniques exploit specific devices and platforms, the iPhone was hacked in just 20 seconds.

The hacker in question did, in record time, enter an iPhone and grab all the personal information contained.
After seeing these results and c heck that iOS is the most insecure platform, a security analyst trying to make something of a paradox.
Stefan Esser has found a way to introduce the iPhone lacks security, this will be possible through a tool jailbreak called antid0te
It is paradoxical since it is usually said that the jailbreak is a mechanism that involves uncertain information confidential and private data users [bla bla bla]

Well, Stefan Esser trying to add ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) to the iPhone , a security technique used for most platforms, but absent from the iPhone.

Using the tool antid0te ASLR is to introduce a platform-based devices iOS . This means that injecting the exploit, the memory space will be random, making it safer. 

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